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the processes and platform for quick disaster recovery

Disaster Systems makes it easier to activate recovery in times of crisis. From interactive maps and person-to-person collaboration to system-wide updating, our set of systems have you ready when most aren’t.

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Platform Features

interactive maps

Help those affected by disasters to find the aid they need, and connect volunteers to volunteer sites through interactive maps.
Platform Features

knowledge base

Aggregate and deliver disaster recovery information from contributors across the nation in a self-serve library.
Platform Features

volunteer network

Share your needs for in-person services and simplify the signup process.Volunteers from all over can connect person-to-person or with NGO's in need. As the system grows, so will the volunteer network.

additional platform features

donation page

Connect donors with ways to give and support relief efforts by enabling them to donate to your cause online.

text-based alerts

Deliver text-based alerts to your community to keep them up-to-date on the latest news.

donation drop-off maps

Help volunteers donate food, supplies, and other items to those affected through Donation Drop-off Maps.

map of shelters

Highlight open shelters in your area so those affected by disasters can get the rest they need.

rss-based news update

Aggregate local and national news from other sources with our RSS importer.

stories of hope

Inspire your community with recovery stories by showcasing uplifting photos and articles.

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mobilizing cities in disaster

Our mission is to help mobilize cities as quickly and efficiently as possible when disaster strikes. Disaster Systems ensures that victims are getting up-to-date information on how to keep themselves safe, help those in need, and put their community on the path to recovery.

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